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HealthRest Latex

Latex mattresses offer superior therapeutic pressure-point relief on a buoyant, supportive surface guaranteed to last. At Restonic, we take your good night’s sleep seriously.

HeathRest TempaGel

Your new TempaGel™ by Restonic mattress might just be your best friend, sleep doctor and physical therapist all rolled into one super-comfortable sleep surface.

ComfortCare® Limited

Restonic’s exclusive ComfortCare® Limited mattresses offer discerning customers a refined, neoteric sleep solution. Isn’t it time you supported your dreams with a mattress that works as hard as you do?

ComfortCare® Hybrid Signature

While the components of our Hybrid mattresses are proven award winners on their own, combining them in one mattress improves their effectiveness and delivers an exceptional night’s sleep.


Rest, rejuvenate and revive your mornings with one of our ComfortCare mattresses. In each of these mattresses, you'll find a nourishing layer of Restonic TempaGel to gently buffer pressure points, which helps reduce tossing and turning. Our individually wrapped, foam encased coil unit cushions pressure points, reduces motion transfer and delivers peaceful, healthy sleep.



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